Author: 5thfloorDMV Staff - 01/24/2019 16:00:44

Use the code "FK5211" to save 15% on your next order. This code is only valid for a short time so order now to save! Our new products TX and LA are now available for order with special sale pricing.

Site Fixed!

Author: 5thfloorDMV Staff - 01/10/2019 20:40:23

Site is up and running again. We have opened minimal stock and are working to finish the production on the remaining orders impacted [that we can confirm] by the previous site issues. Please be patient and check back soon for more stock and a new product.

Order Submissions

Author: 5thfloorDMV Staff - 01/10/2019 20:38:31

One your payment has one confirmation your order submission will appear under the submit tab. If you paid correctly and your submission has not appeared after one confirmation please refresh your page until it does. If you do not send enough coin your payment will be marked as underpaid and your submission will not appear.